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For a game of deduction, or two… Under a Greenhead Moon is a deduction and elimination board game set in Ipswich Bay, where players must uncover the true identity of a sea creature returning to its natural form. The game is inspired by a tale recounted by Dr. Charles Wendell Townsend in 1608.

Note: The game combines strategy, deduction, and a touch of mystery as players work to unravel the secrets hidden beneath the Greenhead Moon.

A game of deduction like no other! ‘In the Light of a Greenhead Moon’ challenges you to uncover suspects, locations, and the moon’s secrets. Board game or card game – you choose where your journey begins

In the Light of a Greenhead Moon Adventure of Ipswich Bay Embark on a thrilling aquatic adventure with two games inspired by Katherine DeSilva’s captivating books, “In the Light of a Greenhead Moon” and “The Great Neck Mermaid.” Set to launch in the spring of 2024 at The Game Crafter, these games delve into the mysterious tales of Dr. Charles Wendell Townsend and the enigmatic creatures lurking beneath the waves.